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About Us

Chris Kelly
Chris E. kelly
BSc (Clin Sc) MHSc (Osteo) MOA
Registered Osteopath
Chris is a registered Osteopath and the founder of OSTEOPIC ® - Osteopathy, Pain & Injury Clinic. Chris completed his five-year Osteopathic double degree course (Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) & Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)) at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia in 2000. Constituting part of his postgraduate Masters Degree, Chris conducted research studying the effects of hamstring stretching amongst hockey players.

Upon graduation Chris worked as an associate in Hobart, before travelling to Dublin, Ireland in 2003, founding Northside Osteopathy. Chris was a founding member of the Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI)

Chris has a special interest in sports injuries particularly hamstring injuries, whiplash disorders,disc injuries and pregnancy related conditions. 
BSc (Clin Sc) MHSc (Osteo) MOA
Registered Osteopath
Ouita graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Health Science. She is a member of Osteopathy Australia. After graduation Ouita worked in Melbourne before relocating to Hobart in 2017. 

Alongside acute and chronic spinal complaints, Ouita takes a special interest in upper limb and neck injuries. She has a passion for rock climbing, hiking, canoeing and just about anything involving the great outdoors. 

Ouita uses a variety of techniques to suit the individual, with further qualifications in Remedial Massage and Dry Needling. She has a holistic approach, often prescribing exercise rehabilitation and lifestyle modifications to complement her hands-on therapy.
BSc (Clin Sc) MHSc (Osteo) MOA
Registered Osteopath
Alira incorporates her knowledge of Osteopathy and Pilates into treatment by treating the body holistically and providing education to patients that assists with the management and prevention of further pain. 

Alira graduated from Victoria University (VU) in 2009 with a degree in Clinical Science and a Masters in Health Sciences (Osteopathy). During her masters course she completed a research paper studying chronic pain and its relationship with illness perception, anxiety and depression. 

After graduating from VU Alira practiced Osteopathy both in Tasmania and New South Wales. Alira completed both introductory and advanced courses in Trigger Point Dry Needling; a treatment technique, which uses small filament type needles to release tight muscles with the goal of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction. ( 

Alira has also undertaken a BASI Pilates comprehensive teacher training course. Pilates is an excellent way to gain awareness about your body, to strengthen your core and encourage the body to move with maximum symmetry and ease. She has found it an extremely beneficial and complimentary practice to Osteopathy. 

Alira treats a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints with a particular interest in headache disorders, neck and lower back pain.
BSc BHSc/BAppSc (Osteo)
Registered Osteopath
Anna completed her studies in Osteopathy at RMIT (Melb) and has since undertaken further studies in dry needling, cupping and clinical pilates. She completed an internship at Mumbai’s Sport Medicine Clinic working with pre and post operative orthopaedic patients aiding in their rehabilitation. 

Anna’s passion as an Osteopath is in helping her patients to achieve their goals and improvements in health. She treats a wide range of clinical presentations. Anna has a keen interest in treating patients suffering from headache, jaw and neck pain and enjoys taking a multi-faceted treatment approach to all conditions, especially incorporating elements from the patient’s daily life to ensure a more successful outcome. This approach may include manual osteopathic treatment, rehabilitation, education and aftercare.
Lucy Murchie
BSc (ExSc) BHSc/BAppSc (Osteo)
Registered Osteopath
Growing up in country NSW, Lucy discovered osteopathy through sports and seeing the benefits osteopathy had in helping her family and friends. After completing a Bachelor of Science (exercise science) at UOW, Lucy moved to Melbourne in order to study at RMIT and pursue a career in osteopathy.

Since graduating from RMIT, Lucy has continued to build on her skills through further studies in ergonomics, post natal treatment, paediatrics and anatomy. Whilst Lucy enjoys treating patients of all backgrounds, she has a special interest in treating desk workers, the elderly, women throughout and after their pregnancies, headaches and neck pain.

Lucy uses a variety of techniques to treat her patients and a holistic approach tailored to each individual. Her passion as an osteopath is to help each patient reach their goals and make the most of their day-to-day lives.
What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is an holistic and practical therapy of manual medicine, which focuses on restoring and maintaining optimal health
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