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Sports Osteopathy

The Osteopic Approach to the Treatment of Athletes and Active People

Athletes are often referred by their physicians for treatment because they have pain, injury or other health issues that interfere with their ability to perform at a high level in sports. Here at Osteopic our team is trained to treat these conditions using an approach called “biomechanics” which focuses on how your body moves as well as its structure.

The most common sports injury are sprains or strains of ligaments and tendons. Sprain occurs when there is an overuse injury such as repeated twisting motions on one part of your body. A strain happens when you push too hard for too long without rest. The result can be pain, swelling, bruising and stiffness. The team at Osteopic are qualified to assess and help with the improvement of all sports related injuries. 

We cater for all sporting types

Osteopic can help cyclists
Osteopathy has been used successfully by cyclists since the early 1900's. Our practitioners use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to help prevent common cycling related problems like saddle sores, shin splints, IT band syndrome and more. We offer both manual therapy and soft tissue techniques that will allow you to continue riding without discomfort.
Osteopic can help runners
Are you looking to run more efficiently? Do you feel like you’re running out of steam before finishing that last mile? Our osteopaths will look after your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back, so you can enjoy every step! We use soft tissue techniques to ensure you don't overuse any muscles during training sessions. This helps prevent injury and allows you to train harder without feeling sore afterwards.
Osteopic can help swimmers
We often see swimmer's elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis, hamstring strains and lower back pain. Our osteopathy treatments focus on improving flexibility and mobility so that you can continue swimming without any discomfort. Improve your shoulder mechanics and neck rotation and therefore your power to glide faster and more smoothly through each stroke in the water. 
Osteopic can help tennis players
Are you playing tennis regularly? Do you feel like there’s something missing when you play? Improving your game requires good mobility throughout the upper limb and trunk. Our osteopaths can assist in this area by working on your core muscles, rotator cuff and scapular stabilisers.
Osteopic can help gymnasts
We are able to assess your gymnastic technique and posture and advise on any areas that need attention. This includes improving flexibility, strength and stability.
Osteopic can help soccer players
Athletes who play soccer often suffer from tightness in their hamstring muscles.  Our osteopaths can help you improve overall mechanics and power in your body to help reduce the possibility of future repetitive injury.

Are you involved in a sport that isn't listed above? 

We can help you recover faster from injuries while reducing your chances of re-injury. 

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